Heyrod Grey Squirrel Trapping

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Winsford Grey Squirrel Control

Grey Squirrels have become a blight on the nation since their introduction in the latter part of the eighteenth century. They have forced our native red squirrels into a sharp decline throughout the nation, and they are now classed as an endangered species. Unfortunately, it's not just the red squirrels that have been affected by the influx of grey squirrels. People's homes and gardens have been too. They are pests and need to be dealt with accordingly with professional squirrel pest control.

Traditional and Modern Techniques

Grey squirrel pestSquirrels need to be disposed of professionally, as the animal's welfare plays an important factor. It takes the combination of both modern and traditional skills and knowledge for effective squirrel removal to be applied. While our extensive experience in Winsford grey squirrel control ensures that the removal complies with the law, remains humane and guarantees safety.

Necessary Squirrel Removal

Grey squirrel pest control is needed to help control an invasion. As they are very adaptive creatures, they can thrive in a multitude of locations. Squirrels are extremely agile and can cause havoc in several places while also destroying buildings and plants. In addition, they chew through all manner of things like rats do so that they can cause severe damage in just a short amount of time. 

Often invading a roof space when they have offspring, they can produce up to seven babies, two times per year. If left unattended, this problem will easily worsen, and more reason to seek out Winsford grey squirrel control as soon as a problem is noticed. 

Out of Control

Grey squirrel on benchProblems from this pest can easily escalate out of control. So if you think there is a grey squirrel situation on your premises, contact our professionals before this problem gets out of hand. Whether it's a small problem or large, our team is always happy to deal with squirrel pest removal in residential and commercial properties.