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Specialist Winsford Cockroach Control Services for a Cockroach Free Home

Cockroach closeupThe sight of cockroaches in your home can be an unsettling experience, and the aim of any householder should be to get rid of them quickly. They are fast-moving insects that can disappear from view in a flash, though, which means the average householder will likely find them a difficult pest to deal with. The better idea is to employ the services of a specialist pest extermination company. Young’s Pest Control is just such a business, and they can supply an expert with experience of Winsford cockroach control.

Cockroach Basics

Cockroaches are one of the planets more successful insects, and this is demonstrated by the fact they have colonised many locations around the world. This includes Britain, with the two species identified below, which is likely why Winsford cockroach control will be needed in a UK property.

  • German Cockroach: This is the smaller of the two. Adults can grow to around 10 to 15mm long and have a yellow/brown colour. They survive better in warm, humid conditions, so they commonly lurk in kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Oriental Cockroach: The colour of this species varies from dark brown to black, and it can grow up to double the size of German Cockroaches. Oriental Cockroaches can cope with cooler conditions and can hide in the drains and ducts of a property.

Health Problems

The health problems they are known for making it important to get cockroach treatment in place quickly. The insects carry bacteria on their bodies that can be transferred to the surfaces and food they touch. The danger is that the bacteria can then be passed on to humans and cause illness, with some of the diseases cockroaches carry, including typhoid, polio, and gastroenteritis.

Winsford Cockroach Control

Dead cockroachesCockroaches can be difficult to eradicate as their eggs can remain dormant for a few months before hatching. Dealing with the adults may appear to clear up the problem only for it to return when the eggs hatch. Employing a specialist is, therefore, a sensible approach to ensure successful eradication. They understand how to inspect a property for the pest that enables them to place cockroach treatment in strategic locations for the best chance of success. Young’s Pest Control is an expert at Winsford cockroach control, and our specialists can visit your property at any time to rid this pest from it. If you need our assistance, call and speak with one of our helpful staff.