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Ant nest removal price

Professional Winsford Ant Infestation Removal

Many species of ant are found in the UK, a large proportion of which are specialised for certain terrains. Some species, however, can be found throughout the UK and are commonly seen in gardens during the summer months.

For the most part, ants will reside in nature and go about their business without disturbing humans, but they can sometimes invade homes in search of food. If you encounter an ant infestation in house and are seeking Winsford ant infestation removal services, you can call Young’s Pest Control for the most effective insecticides and ant control treatment in removing this tiny pest.

The description of an ant
Black ant
The general appearance is that it has three sections to its body: the abdomen, head and thorax.

The black garden ant species, which is familiar to most people in the UK, is found usually nesting underground. A colony of this species will consist of queens, drones and workers. The queen can be as long a 9mm and live for 12 years, overwintering through the colder months.

The life cycle of the ant

Over the course of a few days, usually in July, male and female reproductive ants will emerge from their nests and swarm together to reproduce, creating a flying ant infestation. Once a female has mated, it will search out a location to nest through the winter.

The female will tunnel down before creating a cell and laying eggs, which will hatch into grubs after 3 to 4 weeks. The female will feed these grubs on secretions from its glands.

A further 3 weeks will pass before the grubs pupate, and 2 weeks later, a fully-formed worker ant will emerge.

The problems ants can cause

AntsIf you are experiencing an ant infestation, the reason may be that there is a source of food that the ants are accessing. For example, black garden ants will seek sweet food, whilst a species such as a pharaoh’s ant will search for protein, such as meats and fats.

An ant removal service

Problems such as a flying ant infestation can be dealt with quickly by calling Young’s Pest Control. However, successful extermination requires the right insecticides and the correct methods. Therefore, our experts will assess an ant infestation in the house before planning a Winsford ant infestation removal treatment, the aim of which will be to centre on the ant infestation.