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Woodworm Away with Professional Sandbach Woodworm Treatment

Treatment for woodworm removal can be cost-effective, stress-free and easy to call Young's Pest Control. We offer

  • 24-hour service
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  • Expert knowledge and experience

Woodworm larvaeSandbach woodworm treatment spray sold to the consumer is not the same strength or composition as what is available to licensed professionals such as Young's Pest Control. However, our sprays are commercial-grade which means they really get the job done, and Sandbach woodworm treatment furniture problems are a thing of the past. So don't soil your own possessions or ruin your valuables trying to do home treatment for woodworm removal when you can call us and get it done right. Among considerations is that we are always available for you, anytime that you may need us.

The BBC mentions woodworm infestation in a church, describing how they had to replace much of the roof and some of the furniture. Your home or business does not have to get to this state of ruin before you can get help. Woodworm, AKA furniture beetle, can do a lot of damage before being noticed. Some signs of woodworm infestation include frail timber, 2mm wide tunnels, shavings or dust underneath the tunnels on the floor, beetle shell casings, or the eggs.

Several types of woodworm beetle can be found in the United Kingdom. The common woodworm Anobium punctatum characteristics areas are listed above, plus tiny oval-shaped bits of wood in the shavings from their boreholes. They look like a beetle (which they are) between 3 and 5mm long as adults, tunnel through softwoods, and make the holes coming out of the timber when the larvae break loose during the transformation to the adult stage.

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingThere are other types of furniture beetle (woodworm) such as the deathwatch beetle, longhorn, and powder post. Powderpost beetles Lyctus brunneus are treated the same as common furniture beetles. House longhorn Hylotrupes Paulus and deathwatch Xestobium rufuvillosum woodworm infestations must be treated differently. It is, therefore, best to have on-call an expert pest control company - Young's Pest Control. Identification of the woodworm beetle is an important part of how we will proceed with our extermination. One solution does not fit all situations, so we prefer the Sandbach woodworm treatment spray that will be specific and effective for you.

Sandbach woodworm treatment furniture problems can be taken care of by Young's Pest Control. Exacting and precise, we take pride in our customer service and helping you. If you are unsure about needing a professional, let us ask you these three things:

First, can you be certain of the type of woodworm infestation you have?
Second, can you get the treatments commercially available?
Finally, can you be certain you can get all of the woodworms out?

Only Young's Pest Control has that training and surety of mind, so do not hesitate to give us a call for woodworm problems, big or small.