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Professional Sandbach Mice Control 

Mouse NestHouse mice are one of the most common pest problems in the UK. These pests reproduce rapidly and frequently. Mice infestations can be difficult to eliminate and should not be attempted by homeowners. A professional Sandbach mice control service will identify the best solution for hygienically and efficiently removing the entire mouse infestation.

Why Mice Are Attracted To A Property

Mice are typically attracted to a property for warmth, food and water. House mice require between two to three grams of food every twenty-four hours a day. They also drink up to 4 ml a day. However, house mice can survive a significant period without water. Food that is not kept in a secure container may bring mice onto the property. Mice are also often attracted to the property by exposed dustbins. Mice will then make their way onto the property through cracks and crevices. A professional Sandbach mice control service will be able to make recommendations to the homeowner on how these issues can be dealt with. This will help prevent future infestations from mice.

Overview Of House Mouse Infestations

Infestations by house mice can quickly get out of control. The average house mouse will produce between 4 and 15 young in each litter. In addition, they are capable of producing between six and nine litters each year. From the moment a house mouse is born, it only takes between seven and eleven weeks to breed and produce its own infestations.

Determining The Nature Of Your Infestation

House mouse, Mus domesticusWhile you may suspect that you have a mice infestation, it is best to use the services of a Sandbach mice control service to be certain. Often people are alerted to the presence of the pest by noises within the walls. But, it is important to be aware that these noises could be the product of insects or other pests. A Sandbach mice control specialist will determine the exact type of pest that is infesting your property and implement the correct solution.

Using The Correct Traps

To eliminate your mouse infestation, you will need to implement the right traps. Our mouse control firm will know to determine exactly which traps and baits will be most effective, depending on your particular situation. Not only this, but our Sandbach mice control specialists will know where the traps need to be laid to eliminate the entire mice infestation. Once the mouse has been caught, the mice control technicians need to be hygienically and safely disposed of. Mice can carry diseases that may spread to humans if not properly removed. Mice killed by traps but not removed from the property also pose a health hazard to the property's residents.

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