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Sandbach Grey Squirrel Control

Grey squirrels are beautiful creatures; they are quite acrobatic and can be very charming. Unfortunately, they also cause a lot of damage, which means you will have to call for squirrel removal when the animals attack your home. Here are four types of damages that they can cause:

Damage to Your Trees

Grey squirrel pestYou should opt for Sandbach grey squirrel control because the animals can cause great damage to your trees. For example, the squirrels like to gnaw on tree barks so that they can get to the sap-filled tissues just below the bark. Obviously, this exposes the tree to fungal attacks. Additionally, the damage interferes with the trees’ uptake of water and nutrients from the soil; another good reason for Sandbach grey squirrel control.

Lawn Damage

This species of squirrels can also cause great damage to your lawn. The squirrels dig holes to bury/hide their foods, and if you live close to their habitat, then the chances are high that they will be digging your lawn a lot. To make matters worse, they prefer to dig new holes rather than use an existing one each time they have food to bury.

Cultivated Crop Damage

Grey squirrels can encroach on your property to feed on fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants. This is more likely to be the case if your garden or compound borders their habitat, such as woodland. Some of the plants, particularly at risk from grey squirrel attack, include:Grey squirrel close up

• Sweet corn
• Apples
• Pears
• Strawberries
• Tulip bulbs
• Sunflower

The animals do not only eat the fruits or seeds, but they also attack the flowers or buds. As a result, they can cause serious damage to the garden or farm, which is why you need to call for Sandbach grey squirrel control services if the animals are disturbing you.

Loft Damage

Although these squirrels typically live in hollow trees, they can also nest in your house if they can’t find a suitable tree in the wild. Of course, their favourite place in the house is the attic.

Unfortunately, they won’t let just nest in any available space; they will destroy your insulating materials, electrical wiring, woodwork and other kinds of installations. They do this to prepare their nesting places. Not only that, but their droppings can also get into your domestic water and contaminate it. The only solution is to call for squirrel removal.

Young’s Pest Control services include professional Sandbach grey squirrel control. The company has the necessary tools and expertise to ensure that squirrels in your area do not cause these damages.