Abbey Hey Flea Treatment

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Professional Sandbach Flea Treatment


Fleas carry diseases and parasitic worms which affect humans. It is easy for fleas to infest your home; it is tough to eradicate them. Young's Pest Control is here to help with our Sandbach flea treatment service.

Life Cycle

FleaFleas begin life as tiny eggs, which are barely visible to the human eye. The eggs are pearly-coloured and usually laid in animal fur, including our household cats and dogs. Once inside your home, however, the eggs can be laid in carpets, bedding and any other soft furnishings. This makes Sandbach flea treatment problematic since the flea infestation may appear to be cleared, only to find that a brand new wave of fleas appears a short time later.

Larvae hatch from the eggs after two to three days. The larvae are whitish in colour and around half a centimetre in length. The larvae cocoon themselves in pupae and will emerge as fully grown adult fleas within three to four weeks.

Adult fleas can survive for several weeks without feeding but will begin searching to find a host from which they may feed the moment they emerge from their cocoon.

Adult fleas proceed to lay more eggs and, if unchecked, the flea population grows exponentially.

Flea Treatment

Cat and dog fleasSandbach flea treatment depends upon the size and nature of the flea infestation. In most instances, the fleas have been carried into the home by family pets. However, sometimes they cling to the homeowner's clothing and make it into the home via this route. In certain cases, the fleas may be a side effect of a rodent problem, which the homeowner may or may not be aware of. If this is thought to be the case, it is necessary to establish exactly which species is the carrier for the fleas and take action as appropriate to resolve the problem. Young's Pest Control has various services that will remove any pest species, rodent or otherwise.

Once the vector for the fleas has been discovered, the Sandbach flea treatment process can begin in earnest. Due to the need for adult flea removal in tandem with stopping fresh eggs from hatching. Young's Pest Control carries a wide range of specially formulated flea fumigation products, which are sure to remove any fleas from your home first time.

Your home must be thoroughly treated for Sandbach flea treatment to be successful, including any soft furnishings in the infested area. We strongly advise against attempting to treat flea infestations yourself, as any unsuccessful attempts will only serve to worsen the problem in the long run by not stemming the influx of pests. Our staff are highly experienced in Sandbach flea treatment services and will be able to advise you on how to avoid any further infestation in the future. We are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to address any flea infestation problems you may have.