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Professional Sandbach Cockroach Control: Things to Remember

German CockroachThere are different cockroach species in the world. However, the most common in the UK is the Oriental or Common cockroach, also known as Blatta orientalis.

Physical Characteristics
The Common cockroach is black or dark brown in colour and between 1 and 1.5 inches long. Though the insect has wings, it does not fly.

A female cockroach produces between 5 and 10 egg cases, also known as oothecae, in her life. Each ootheca has up to 16 eggs inside. The female carries the egg cases for 30 hours before attaching them to well-hidden surfaces near a food source. The eggs hatch into nymphs after two months. The nymphs moult or shed their skin 10 times before their adulthood. After 9 months, the nymphs are fully grown adults capable of reproducing. However, in ideal conditions, nymphs can become adults in as little as 5 months.

When to Call a Sandbach Cockroach Control Expert
Cockroaches are good at hiding, so you may have a hidden time knowing if you are dealing with an infestation. However, there are tell-tale signs:

  • Dark marks on cupboards and other surfaces where the cockroaches have been. The marks are cockroach faeces.
  • There are may also be egg cases where the cockroaches hide. Unfortunately, only a Sandbach cockroach control expert can be able to identify cockroach egg cases correctly.
  • The presence of live cockroaches is another sign that you are dealing with an infestation.

Why You Should Hire a Cockroach Control Expert

Cockroaches are hard to control because they are resistant to most pesticides. To avoid wasting your cash on inappropriate cockroach treatment, you should consult a Sandbach cockroach control professional. There are several reasons why you should hire professionals like Young’s pest control.

Dead cockroaches•They are reliable and experienced. Having been in the pest control business for years, they know how to eliminate cockroaches effectively. They know where cockroaches like to hide and how fast they reproduce.
•Experts know which cockroach treatment will work best. So whatever cockroach treatment is used, an expert will ensure it gets rid of the cockroaches without posing any danger to you.
•Professionals like Young’s pest control also guarantee services. You can be sure that the pests will be eliminated. What is more, their services are affordable.

You can reach Young’s pest control on the Internet or over their phone. In addition, they offer their Sandbach cockroach control services 24 hours a day.