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Professional Neston Mole Trapping

The common mole, while small and 'cute', is a tenacious urban and rural pest. A single mole can tunnel from one end of a 20 meter garden to the other in a single day, easily consuming its own body weight in food. Furthermore, the small and humble mole multiplies at a rate of two to seven offspring each year. With a lifespan of up to three years, that's a lot of tunnels in only a short time.

The Problem with Moles

A mole infestation is a serious infestation. There are several key concerns that each of our customers seeks to address when exploring Neston mole trapping and control, whether they are dealing with a small home plot or are responsible for large business premises.

  • Mole in a molehillMoles carry serious diseases.
  • Burrows can represent a serious structural concern
  • Moles easily destroy whole root systems
  • They can be hard to spot, causing damage without detection

Signs of mole infestation typically include the small ridges and mounds we are all familiar with, but a mole infestation can be present with little to no obvious signs. They are most evident during spring and early winter but are active all year round.

The Art of Professional Neston Mole Trapping

Neston mole trapping is one of the most efficient and professional means of mole pest control. Neston mole trapping is a simple, largely non-invasive method of opening a burrow and carefully placing traps in the right places. Because of this, only a small area of your garden or pitch will be affected – the opening to the burrow itself.

While this method of mole control is simple, it requires expertise and practice to trap the small (6 inches) rodent, which is an expert in burrowing and avoiding predators. Unfortunately, there are really no alternatives to a professional pest removal solution since home remedies – like removing the source of food – are only temporary at best and usually nothing more than cosmetic.

Full size moleA Friendly, Local Service

We know that nothing is more important to you than the security of your grounds, at home or work. We know that structural integrity is fundamental to both your building and your grounds and that those grounds took care and time to prepare exactly as you like them. With friendly local service, you can be sure of sound advice and the best possible means of Neston mole trapping and controlling your circumstances and area.