Baguley Flea Infestation Treatment

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Professional Neston Flea Treatment

FleaFleas are small, like tiny dark specks, and are difficult for the human eye to distinguish from other tiny dark specks. Their ability to jump long distances, about their size, makes it difficult to catch them once they have leapt out of sight. When caught in the fingers, they are more difficult to crush than almost any other insect. These ectoparasites, or external parasites, are the most difficult household pests to get rid of.

Imaginal fleas, or sexually mature fleas, are the ones that bite, and they have a range of mouthparts for breaking the skin and sucking blood. Corrosive and anticoagulant substances in their saliva are applied to the site to dissolve skin and stop blood from clotting. Their bodies are compressed from the sides, with anterior spines facing backwards. Energy for jumping comes from elastic resilin, and they launch from the tibia and tarsus of the hind legs.

The four stages of the holometabolous lifecycle

Beyond a means of individual survival, the imaginal flea's need to feed is motivated to reproduce. Fleas reproduce sexually, and blood is essential for egg production in females and efficient sperm transference in males. The amount of eggs laid by a female in her lifetime varies according to species and environmental conditions, but 500 eggs is a fair estimate.

The embryonic stage, or egg phase, lasts from days to weeks, but the process is quicker in warmer, more humid environments. The larval phase exists between hatching and cocoon spinning and consists of three developmental stages called instars. The flea larva is a scavenger and requires a balanced diet, including dead skin, vegetation, and flea dirt. The duration of the pupal stage, like the embryonic stage, is determined by warmth and humidity.

The advantages of professional Neston flea treatment services

Cat and dog fleasMost people attempting flea control themselves are frustrated in their efforts. For each flea killed, hundreds seem to take its place. Home Neston flea treatment tends only to kill adult fleas, and it is not even that successful at doing that. Imaginal fleas only comprise 5% of the flea population, and home treatments are ineffective at dealing with the other 95%. It is better, therefore, to hire professional Neston flea treatment services.

Professional Neston flea treatment has a higher success rate than do-it-yourself home remedies because it attacks fleas in all four stages of complete metamorphosis. The only way to rid a property of flea infestation is to break the holometabolous lifecycle. Professional Neston flea treatment uses flea fumigation alongside other methods to exterminate the entire flea population, ending the flea infestation.

Nobody other than professional flea control operatives should perform flea fumigation treatment. The insecticides used are dangerous, and pest control technicians are trained to handle and employ them without harming themselves, others or damaging the environment they are used in. Clients can help make the Neston flea treatment operative's job easier by helping prepare the property for treatment complying with instructions.