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Professional Nantwich Woodworm Treatment

A woodworm infestation may create a picture in your mind of an old house full of creaky antique furniture and dust. The truth is that woodworm can be a problem for any home or business. The only requirements for a woodworm infestation are the presence of wood and suitable levels of humidity. All household wood is at risk, from furniture to structural timbers. If you suspect that you may have a woodworm problem, give Young's pest control a call, and we will be able to identify the nature of the problem.

I've never seen a woodworm. So what do they look like?

Woodworm larvaeThe term 'woodworm' refers to the larvae of various species of beetle. You are unlikely ever to see the actual grubs. They burrow beneath the surface of wood, eating it and leaving little tunnels. You are more likely to see or hear evidence of adult beetles. One species is the deathwatch beetle. You may hear the characteristic clicking sound that it makes. You may also come across the beetles living in damp areas of the house or around window ledges.

What are the signs of infestation?

In addition to the signs above, if the infestation is in your furniture, you will see little piles of sawdust in the area from time to time. The worms excrete this as they feed. There will also be small holes and cracks on the surface of the wood. These symptoms will be the same in structural timbers.

What damage can they do?

In structural wood, the damage can be costly and drastic. Over time, the beams will weaken and may fail. A Nantwich woodworm treatment spray administered by professionals will halt the problem. The weakening is caused as the worms make a network of tunnels in the wood. These tunnels reduce the density of the wood and allow dampness to enter. The damp will, in turn, soften the wood and make it easier for the worms to consume. Nantwich woodworm treatment furniture cases are smaller, but treatment will still stop the problem from escalating. The cosmetic impact on the furniture can then be dealt with safe knowing that no more damage will occur.

How can I get rid of them?

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingYoung's will analyze the whole situation. It is important that Nantwich woodworm treatment completely eradicates the pest. A Nantwich woodworm treatment furniture spray will exterminate any internal pests. We will also gauge the extent of the problem and prescribe a plan of action for removing the problem in its entirety. Floorboards and structural wood are obviously more difficult to access and require the attention of skilled personnel. Therefore, professionals should always carry a Nantwich woodworm treatment spray; incorrectly applying the treatment for woodworm removal will lead to the infestation coming back.

Taking steps at the onset of an infestation is important. Things will only worsen if left to their own devices. So as soon as you have an inkling that there may be a problem, even if you aren't sure, contact Young's, and we will give you peace of mind.