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Expert Nantwich Mole Trapping and Control Services

Mole moundIs Your Lawn Destroyed by Moles? Let Young’s Pest Control Assist You With Mole Control

You are most probably here because of your lawn or garden problem. Truly, effective Nantwich mole trapping is not for everyone. People who love to see a nice lawn usually have problems with moles. This is because these small creatures are very much interested in what is on your lawn.

Why moles are always in your lawns and gardens

Moles, however, are not aware that they are bothering you by destroying the beautiful lawn you have taken care of. Then why do the moles always seem to be in your lawn? They are attracted to the food that they see on your lawn. Your lawn is filled with earthworms, and the worms that enrich your lawn consist of 85% of a mole’s diet. Your efforts to keep the soil in your lawn rich attract the earthworms, which in turn attracts the moles. This is why DIY mole pest control can be more detrimental for you, for your lawn or garden will always be filled with the earthworm treat for moles. It would help if you had experts who truly understand what they are doing. Experts like the Nantwich mole trapping and control staff of Young’s Pest Control.

What about grubs?

Actually, the grubs aren’t that attractive to the moles. However, the grubs in your lawns and gardens will be naturally a part of the mole’s diet. Please note that grubs and other insects only consist of 15% of what a mole eats.

Let the mole control experts at Young’s Pest Control help you.

Mole in a molehillNantwich mole trapping, if done on your own can be a very tedious task and could just cost you more since you are basically untrained for the task ahead. Therefore, the huge task of performing correct Nantwich mole trapping and control should only be done by skilled people. Usually, moles will have a patchwork quilt looking pattern in digging your lawn. This pattern will not make any sense to those who are unprepared in controlling the moles’ population. However, the experts at Young’s Pest control is capable of assisting you. The Nantwich mole trapping and control expert's trained eye will know where the tunnels lead and how far the mole has already dug. In addition, the expert knows that there are two types of tunnel a mole creates – the first is a feeder tunnel, while the other type of tunnel is the travel tunnel. Unlike the zigzag format of the feeder tunnel, the travel tunnel is usually much straighter and is used by the moles to travel to their desired location.

Contact Young’s Pest Control now, and receive a quotation for the Nantwich mole trapping and control that your lawn or garden deserves. Don’t despair. The experts at Young’s Pest Control are fully trained and equipped to help you.