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Professional Nantwich Mice Control


No matter where you live in the world, pests are a common problem. Of these pests, the mouse is one of the most commonly found in homes and businesses. The UK is no exception to this problem. The most commonly found species of mice are the:
House mouse, Mus domesticus
1. Field Mouse (Apodemus Leviticus)
-Biggest threat: Farming and agricultural businesses
2. House Mouse (Mus domesticus)
-Biggest threat: Most average homes and businesses
3. Yellow-Necked Field Mouse (Apodemus flavicollis)
-Biggest threat: Rural areas

Mice usually breed at speedy rates and can climb, burrow, and infiltrate many portions of your home or business. Therefore, a mouse infestation can easily overwhelm your home or business, and you must deal with the problem as soon as possible with the help of a trained Nantwich mice control expert.

Signs of Mice

At the early stages of a mouse infestation, it is difficult for a normal person even to realize that it is happening. However, with a few keen observations in your home or workplace, you can assess whether or not you have mice. If you hear any patterning or movement in your walls, take the time to see if:

1. there is any damage to your food, such as damaged packaging or bite marks in food
2. you notice any small animal droppings around the house

If you notice any of these problems, you will likely have a mouse infestation, and it is time to call a professional Nantwich mouse to control the service.

Mice Infestation and Mice Control

Mouse NestOften we are led to believe that a couple of mouse traps, sticky pads, or DIY traps are needed to solve the infestation problem. However, you are more than likely better off using a Nantwich mice control expert with mice infestations. Mouse control is something you want to leave to a professional because:

1. A professional mouse removal service will be able to inspect and assess the situation more accurately
2. With a mice infestation, you want to remove all of the mice, to prevent further breeding. A professional can accomplish this by using the proper equipment and traps.
3. A professional mouse control service can accomplish all this with minimum disruption to your life and business
4. A professional understands where to put the traps, and better understands the movement of the mice
5. A professional can dispose of and find potential dead mice still lingering around in your walls.

The risk of removing the infestation on your own is not worth the potential disease and health risks. At Young's Pest Control, we can effectively remove the mice infestation without interfering with your day to day activities and provide it safely and effectively. Young's Pest Control is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, and is on call to come to assess and effectively take care of your mouse problem.