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Nantwich Grey Squirrel Control - Squirrels Are Pests Too

Grey squirrel close upWhen people say household pets, the animals that spring to mind instantly are mice, rats and other small rodents. However, a rather unexpected animal has recently come to prominence in the world of pests as millions of people in the UK are witnessing their houses become infested with grey squirrels, which can cause many problems. Professional Nantwich grey squirrel control teams, like Young's, who are based in Manchester, have to deal with them a lot, and squirrel removal is much harder than you think because squirrels are creatures of habit and will keep coming back. Nantwich grey squirrel control is something that has been needed more in the past few years and something which will have to be used well into the future because of the increasing population of grey squirrels in the UK, the fact there is an increase in population, coupled with the fact that there is a dwindling amount of natural habitat for them will inevitably mean that more Nantwich grey squirrel control is needed.

What Problems Can They Cause?

You may be asking, what could this innocent creature ever do to put you or your family at risk? There are several problems squirrels can cause, and the main thing is the damage they cause to their surroundings.

Grey squirrel pestTheir remarkably sharp teeth can penetrate almost any material, which means that anything in their path is in danger of getting gnawed on. This can be expensive personal possessions like jewellery, electrical appliances, and even car bodywork if they invade a garage or something. The other commonplace for a squirrel to inhabit is the loft. If they get inside your loft, then squirrel removal should be carried out immediately because they can really weaken the structural integrity of your home. For example, they can gnaw on the support timbers that keep your roof on your house and can, therefore, make the roof very unstable and much weaker than it was before. The worst problem, though, is when they bite through wires. This is not only expensive to fix, but it is also massively dangerous as biting through the wires is a massive fire hazard. Therefore, without Nantwich grey squirrel control, you can actually be putting your family in danger.

Why Call The Professionals?

You may think that you can easily get rid of the squirrels by yourself, but you could not be more wrong. A professional team will deal with the squirrels efficiently, but they will also put in place measures that stop the squirrels from getting back in, which is one of the main problems.