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About Professional Nantwich Ant Infestation Removal

Black antThere are thousands of ant species in the world. Those that can be found in the UK include:
• The Common Black/Garden ant (Lasius niger)
• The Yellow Meadow ant (Lasius flavus)
• The Red Wood ant (Formica rufa)

If you think you are dealing with an ant infestation, you should first contact Nantwich ant infestation removal specialists like Young’s Pest Control. The Nantwich ant control expert will identify the species and recommend an appropriate and treatment method

Facts about Ants
The Common black ant, like the name suggests, is the most common. These ants love to build their nests in the soil, along the edge of your lawn or under the pavement. Common/garden ants move very fast. What differentiates them from other ants is that they use their jaws and formic acid when attacking enemies or defending themselves.

The Colony
Garden ants live in colonies that consist of workers, the queen bee and the male ants. A single colony can consist of between 4000 and 15000 workers. The work of the ants is to look for food, take care of the eggs and protect the colony.

Ants are known for their love of sugary foods such as molasses and jam. Nevertheless, the ant diet mainly consists of nectar and insects. They do also eat their dead.

You may have noted that there are usually no ants running around during winter. This is because ants are dormant during the cold season. They are only active when the weather is warm. During summer, they come out of their nests in search of food.

You are likely to contact experts to deal with a flying ant infestation in the summer. The reason for this is that there are swarms of ants flying about. In addition, winged and fertile male and female ants mate in the air creating the occurrence that is referred to as a flying ant infestation.

The Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Nantwich Ant Infestation Removal
Identifying the type of ant that has invaded your home and using the right Nantwich ant infestation removal treatment method is important for two reasons:

•It ensures that the ant infestation in the house is completely dealt with safely and efficiently as most store-bought ant removal products are dangerous to our children and pets.
•Prevents ant re-infestation from occurring

Experts from Young’s pest control can help you deal with an ant control problem any time of day or night as their services are available round the clock. You can contact them via phone or email. So go on, call them today. They will help you deal with the ant infestation in the house safely and effectively.