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The Expert Way to Middlewich Woodworm Treatment

A woodworm infestation can damage the timber it affects severely, which means it is a problem that householders need to act upon urgently. The quicker a Middlewich woodworm treatment spray is applied to infested wood, the less damage these pests can cause, and urgent action can also stop the problem from spreading to other timber objects in a home. The expert help of a pest extermination business is the way to ensure that an infestation has been properly dealt with, and Young’s Pest Control can offer Middlewich woodworm removal solutions that an affected property needs.

How Woodworm Cause Problems

Woodworm larvaeWoodworms are a stage in the development of insects such as House Longhorn and Common Furniture Beetles. They hatch from eggs laid on timber objects by the adult beetles and immediately bore deep inside them. Their life then basically consists of tunnelling through the wood to feed on it, and they can do this for a period of up to 10 years before reaching maturity. The tunnel that one woodworm leaves will cause no lasting damage to the timber affected. However, multiply this to a woodworm infestation, and the damage caused by multiple tunnels can eventually destroy an object. The average home will have many different timber features that woodworm can attack, from wooden desks, cabinets, and tables to the structural timbers used in building construction. To be certain of eradicating an infestation and removing the problem, it is therefore important to apply the Middlewich woodworm treatment to furniture, and other timbers need to kill the insects inside.

Detecting an Infestation

The fact that woodworm spends their life secreted inside a wooden object and out of sight means that early detection is not that easy. There are a few signs that can provide evidence a problem is developing, though. This includes dead beetles around wooden objects and calling professional help to identify these should confirm whether you have a problem. Another sign is timber surfaces becoming pockmarked with tiny holes. This is evidence of adult beetles emerging from an object and can signify that more woodworm is inside. Other more obvious signs that can occur if the problem worsens include crumbling wood and a layer of fine dust below infested timbers.

Professional Treatment for Woodworm Removal

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingThe benefit of employing professional help to deal with woodworm is that an expert can more accurately identify all the affected areas. They will also be able to properly identify the beetle causing the problem, allowing them to choose the correct Middlewich woodworm treatment for furniture or the structural timbers of a building required to eliminate the problem effectively. Young’s Pest Control can provide a professional Middlewich woodworm treatment spray that is effective, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have suspicions that this pest may be present on your property. Woodworms can cause extensive damage, and dealing with them as early as possible is the way to avoid this.