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Middlewich Rat Control Service

ratIn the UK, there are an estimated 15 million rats in our towns and cities. This rodent is much maligned by many people, and for good reason. Rats carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans through biting and contamination. Also, they can damage property in ways such as gnawing electrical wires which lead to fires, chewing woodwork and destroying pipes. This is why people with a Middlewich rat infestation call our experienced exterminators. Our Middlewich rat control professionals will know the best ways to deal with rat infestations in a safe manner, using pest control treatment such as poisons and traps to get rid of rats.

Rats in the UK

Although not native to the UK, there are two well-established species of rat found here. These are the brown rat and the black rat. The brown rat is the more common of the two, with brown fur and a grey underside. Spotting these rodents in the day-time can be quite difficult because they are usually more active during the night. They like to live close to humans in urban areas because of the food they can find in bins and other areas.

Diseases and Property Damage

Brown RatThe main danger that rats pose to humans is through the spreading of disease. Because they are immune to certain diseases that are harmful to humans, they can happily move about contaminating surfaces they come in contact with and the food they manage to get to. Weil’s disease and Pasteurellosis are two of a number of these diseases that rats carry. As well as contamination of surfaces and foods, rats can transmit infections through their bites. This is less common, but it’s something they can do if they perceive a threat. Rats like to chew wires, and this is another danger. A chewed wire could become exposed and electrocute someone coming into contact with it.

Professional Solutions for Middlewich Rat Control

If you see indications of a rat infestation, then it is safest and most effective to call our experts to get rid of rats. These signs may be droppings, damage to property or nests. If you suspect anything, then we can offer the best pest control treatment available. We will set up a strategy to control the numbers in an effective way, such as with poison baits in the likely places they will be moving through or living in (sewers, burrows etc.), blocking off of passages and much more.