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Professional Middlewich Mole Trapping

The UK's Most Well Known Pest

Middlewich mole trapping and control is an essential aspect of ground maintenance, whether you are responsible for a domestic property or business premises.

Full size moleA relative of the hedgehog and the shrew, and perhaps Britain's best-known rodent, moles are known to embed themselves in almost any type of outside environment. From quiet home gardens in the rural areas to urban parkland, from meadow to park, even brownfield land, as a pest, they have a fierce reputation for hardiness, stealth and damage. It's quite usual for the regular garden mole to tunnel up to 20 meters in a single day, and they're capable of eating their own body weight in earthworms and other invertebrates. Virtually the only area that you will find mole-free is a rocky highland outcrop with only scattered acidic soil.

Some Essential Mole Control Facts:

  • They can live up to three years, which means an enduring pest problem
  • They have a litter of two to seven babies a year
  • They are active all year round, though you may notice them only in spring or winter

.Large populations can develop quickly, and like all pests, they carry potentially serious diseases. In addition, populations moles can quickly undermine root systems and even the structural integrity of buildings or areas such as sports grounds. They are most evident during spring and early winter but can be a problem year-round Unspotted and untreated. They can quickly destroy lawns and grassland.

The Best Mole Pest Control

Mole in a molehillMany of the Middlewich mole trapping and control methods that friendly neighbours and well-meaning friends advise are inadequate. Tactics like removing food sources will not work. It takes precision and expertise to root out a mole infestation, and the peace of mind that comes from professionally dealing with a pest problem professionally is worth the investment. Getting professional advice on both the severity of your infestation and the methods of tackling it can save time and a lot of worries, and you can call us at any time to discuss any aspect of your mole problem.

The most common methods we use are Middlewich mole trapping and gassing. Both should be carried out by an expert – Middlewich mole trapping. It takes precision to open the burrow and insert the traps correctly and effectively. Whichever method you prefer, our expert staff will be happy to help control your moles.