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Professional Middlewich Cockroach Control

German CockroachA Middlewich cockroach control problem is one of the most difficult to get rid of, which is why Young’s Pest Control is available to help you battle this resilient insect with an effective cockroach treatment service.

A cockroach's life cycle

The life cycle of the cockroach begins with the mating of a female and male cockroach. After 10 days, the female will produce an egg case, either be carried around or laid in a safe place such as a crevice. The 30 to 40 eggs contained in this case will break out after a month to start the nymph stage of their development. Over the course of 2 to 3 months, the nymphs will moult up to 7 times before finally forming an adult cockroach that is ready to reproduce.

The resilience of the cockroach

The cockroach is well known for its ability to withstand the most extreme conditions, which is why people have such difficulty preventing and killing infestations. However, here are just some of the impressive feats this insect has displayed during experimentation:

• A common fact of cockroaches is that they can survive without air for long periods, but is this true? Experiments conducted by scientists have found that they can survive for as long as half an hour submerged in water before eventually recovering.
• According to laboratory experiments, some species can also survive in below-freezing temperatures for as long as twelve hours.
• Finally, and perhaps most impressively, the cockroach can even live without a head for a significant length of time, as seen in experiments.

It’s, therefore, an unenviable task carrying out Middlewich cockroach control and should be left to the professionals at Young’s Pest Control.

Dead cockroachesWhy the cockroach is considered a pest

The cockroach is seen as a pest for some reason because it can contaminate food and surfaces with diseases and illnesses such as gastroenteritis and poliomyelitis. In addition, by eating food that has come into contact with this insect, you could contract food poisoning or a disease such as typhoid, which is life-threatening.

Who you can call for cockroach pest control services

For an expert and thorough cockroach treatment of your property, call Young’s Pest Control for an affordable service. We will assess your home and plan effective Middlewich cockroach control measures to remove this critter in no time.