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Ant nest removal price

Professional Middlewich Ant Infestation Removal

AntsAn ant infestation in a house can be a real problem for residents as it is often difficult to locate the source, which is required in carrying out effective extermination. And, to further complicate things, there is often more than one nest to deal with in or around an infested property.

If you’re looking for a professional inspection and Middlewich ant infestation removal treatment of your home, our experienced workers at Young’s Pest Control can provide a treatment plan for Middlewich ant infestation removal that will eradicate a problem as quickly as possible.

The signs of an ant infestation

An ant’s nest will send out workers - about 10% of the overall colony - in search of food. If you see ants inside your house, they are either looking for sustenance or following a trail left by previous ants that have discovered a food source.

The entrance to an ant’s nest will show-up as a small mound of dirt on the ground that the ants have pushed out in exiting the nest. If it’s possible to follow the general convergence of a flying ant infestation, you will find these mounds and the source of your ant infestation.

The UK species often were seen

Black antThe most common species of ant in the UK is the black ant, which is often seen crawling along pavements. These are the worker ants and they measure 3 to 4.5mm long.

At some point during the summer, male and female black ants will exit their nests and fly into the air to mate, which can last anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days.

Another species you may have seen in the garden is the pharaoh’s ant – a red-brown insect that is slightly smaller than the black ant, at 2mm long. An infestation caused by this species can be particularly extensive, and it is best to call Young’s Pest Control for a comprehensive Middlewich ant infestation removal treatment of your home, as small applications are not effective against such an ant infestation in the house.

How difficult is ant control?

It can often be easy to spot the source of a flying ant infestation in the garden as they are usually on one surface, which makes it simpler to spot where they converge. In the home, however, ants will be crawling over everything and locating the nest is not as straightforward.