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Expert Malpas Woodworm Treatment

One of the most challenging things in maintaining a clean house or an office environment is fighting against worm attacks. Probably the famous worm attack in our households is the woodworm holes. This is evident most especially in homes where most of the materials are made of woods or timber.

It is recommended to seek immediate Malpas woodworm treatment once noticed. This is to prevent the further propagation of the woodworm infestation among the furniture and other stuff inside the house.

What is woodworm infestation?

Woodworm larvaeWoodworm creates tiny holes in wood furniture. It is brought by the habituation of larvae of beetles in the wood. Accordingly, the holes can get bigger if not treated immediately. The holes become significant if the adult beetle comes out from its habitat to mate.

In the United Kingdom, the most common woodworm is the Anobium punctatum or better known as the Common Furniture Beetle. It is known to attack timber walls and floors as well as that of wood furniture.
Another kind of woodworm in the United Kingdom is the Xestobium rufuvillosum, also known as the Deathwatch Beetle, the Lyctus brunneus or Powderpost Beetle, and the Hylotrupes bajulus or also known as the House Longhorn Beetle.

Among the different kinds of woodworm species in the United Kingdom, it is said that the House Longhorn Beetle can cause the biggest damage to walls, floors and furniture. This is because its larvae have a bigger size, causing bigger holes.

How to detect woodworm?

You can notice any woodworm attacks if you notice some round holes in your walls, floors and furniture. If this is the case, always seek immediate Malpas woodworm treatment by tapping the expertise of companies that offer services such as the Malpas furniture treatment solution.

The following are some of the signs of woodworm attacks:

Woodworm Damage Woodworm Damage

- There are holes in the wood or timber. These are oval-shaped holes that have sharp edges.
- Another sign is existing tunnels in the wood.
- Weak floorboards or walls. This is one of the most dangerous effects of having woodworm because it can eventually damage your floors. In the worst case, it might cause the floor to collapse. This is also known as crumbling woods.

How to deal with woodworm removal?

There is always Malpas woodworm treatment spray that is available in the market. This woodworm removal treatment spray is proven to work against woodworm attacks. But it is always advisable to seek the knowledge and expertise of professionals in this kind of concern. In the United Kingdom, Young's Pest Control is one of the most in-demand companies that deal with woodworm problems. Clients are guaranteed to have top quality services from the professionals of Young Pest Control, such as the Malpas woodworm treatment furniture service. As a result, it is guaranteed that the woodworm will no longer attack your house or your office buildings. So much more, your home remains safe from wood damages and wood crumbling.