Heyrod Grey Squirrel Trapping

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Professional Malpas Grey Squirrel Control

The grey squirrel is commonly seen bounding across lawns, climbing trees and searching for nuts, and they are one of the most distinctive animals found in UK gardens, owing to their bushy tail and cute appearance.

But squirrels have another side to them; they can cause damage to properties, spread fleas and adversely affect other wildlife such as birds. For these reasons, it’s important to call the Malpas grey squirrel control professionals at Young’s Pest Control to manage population numbers and remove any squirrels from your property.

Facts about the squirrel

Grey squirrel pestThe most common species of squirrel found in the UK is the Eastern Grey Squirrel, which has successfully out-competed the native red squirrel since its introduction in the 1870s.

Their memory allows them to bury nuts for storage through the winter and return to them later on. In the absence of nuts, squirrels will feed on fruits and seeds.

Damage grey squirrels can cause

To prevent their incisors from growing too long, squirrels will, like all rodents, gnaw at their environment to wear them down, which presents a problem when these rodents gain access to a property; they will chew at wooden beams and wires, causing damage and the risk of fire.

Squirrels also carry fleas that can be passed on to pets in the garden, so it’s necessary to control the squirrel numbers to solve any flea problems.

The signs of grey squirrel control issues

The indications that squirrels have entered your property are similar to that of rats and mice. These include:
Grey squirrel close up
• Scratching or gnawing sounds.
• Damage to wooden property and wires.
• Droppings.

However, it’s not as simple as to catch and dispatch squirrels, and Malpas grey squirrel control should be called to guarantee the expert trapping of this rodent.

Why it’s best to call Malpas grey squirrel removal.

• It’s more cost-effective to use Young’s Pest Control services rather than purchasing cages to carry out your own treatment because there is no guarantee that the money you spend on these cages will get the job done - the knowledge of where to place them is also required.
• Another reason for calling squirrel removal is that our Malpas grey squirrel control experts have the experience to get rid of all squirrels they catch, which is permitted by law.