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Professional Malpas Flea Treatment

Fleas are a tenacious pest that can prove extremely difficult to remove. Most simple treatments will merely cause a temporary reduction in the population, only for it to boom again at a later date. Malpas flea treatment comes in many forms and varying efficacy. For peace of mind and to save a great deal of money and time, using the services of Young's pest control will provide you with a reliable flea removal solution.

Cat and dog fleasFleas are a versatile pest. A flea infestation can come from one animal and spread to a range of different species. The main variety of fleas that troubles us is the cat flea. Despite their name, they aren't fussy about hosts; they will infect all manner of pets and humans. Our Malpas flea treatment is, therefore, a good option for tackling a flea infestation. For reasons of safety and practicality, fumigation must be carried out by trained personnel. All methods of flea removal will be more likely to succeed if carried out by trained specialists.

In the home, fleas will leave unsightly marks on human hosts. These will itch and become inflamed. This causes obvious discomforts, as well as the associated embarrassment of constantly scratching red spots all over your body. Pets will display a visible discomfort as they scratch and bite at their coats. In addition, theod loss in pets can lead to ailments such as feline anaemia. Another potential side-effect is that pests can develop tapeworms. Malpas flea treatment and control is easier at the onset of an infestation; calling in professional help when you first spot the evidence of infestation will save time, effort and discomfort later on.

The success of the flea is down to several adaptations and specializations that the flea has evolved:

FleaThey can survive for months without food, lying in wait for a host to come along.

Flea eggs are smooth, so they can slide from the host and be scattered around its habitat.

Insecticides will often kill the flea but not affect the eggs.

Fleas can perform a 13-inch horizontal jump. That is the equivalent of a human making a 137-meter long jump.

Fleas can consume more than 15 times their body weight each day.

Malpas flea treatment is a difficult task; their versatility and habits make them hard to target. Removing all of the fleas from the pet cat will not necessarily alleviate the problem. Fleas lay hundreds of eggs. These can be scattered about the house. Carpets, fur and soft furnishings are great places for eggs to incubate. Flea fumigation provides a blanket treatment to all sites of infestation. All possible sources of re-infestation will be taken into account.

Young's pest control is aware that an infestation from any pest can be an embarrassment. We are sensitive to this and will endeavour to act as discrete and professional as possible. However, our history of Malpas flea treatment has armed us with the skills to act quickly and effectively. This means we and your pests will be out of your hair in no time.