Woolton Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Woolton Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Learn About Malpas BumbleBee Control

Bumblebees are amongst the most common types of bees in the UK. These bees have an annual life cycle hence;, the queens start nests every spring. They live in colonies made up of the queen and worker bees. These insects play a significant role in the ecosystem since they assist in the pollination of flowers. However, they might be a substantial hazard to human beings if they nest in places where human activities are unavoidable. This is why Malpas bumble bee control is allowed in the UK.

Bumble Bee Nests

There are about two hundred and fifty species of bumblebees across the world. This means that even their nesting habits may slightly differ. Some species prefer underground nests, while others opt for nests that are located above the ground. For instance, the tree bumblebees never nest underground. Below are few facts about the tree bumblebees.
•They have a blackhead, brown-ginger thorax, black abdomen and a whitetail
•They nest in tree hollows or bird boxes
•The species arrived in Europe thirteen years ago
•They are first-rate pollinators

Nest Enlargement

The queen has the responsibility of starting a nest. When the winter is gone, the queen emerges from her hiding place and looks for a suitable place to start a nest. She subsequently starts collecting nectar and pollen that will be sufficient to feed her first set of eggs. Incubation follows until the eggs hatch into pupae. The pupae feed on the collected pollen and nectar, making them grow very first. The worker bees then hatch from the pupae to commence collecting food and enlarging the nest.

Malpas BumbleBee Removal

Bumble Bee on flowerBumblebee nest cannot be left to thrive if its location is hazardous. Any slight disturbance caused to their nest can propel very aggressive reactions. Therefore, all nests located where pests and a human being can easily reach ought to be removed. Malpas bumble bee control is a procedure that ought to be handled with uttermost precaution. For this reason, never hire a layman for the job. Only professionals are equipped with the necessary skills and techniques for the most effective Malpas bumble bee control.

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