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Malpas Bed Bug Treatment - It Has To Be Professional!

Bed BugIf you experience one or more of the following, there is a chance that you might want to start looking at Young's Pest Control for a professional Malpas bed bug treatment:

  • Red blotches and welts on the skin
  • 'Bloodstain' type blotches on mattresses and furniture
  • A strong, musty odour (in large concentrations of bed bugs)
  • Dogs, cats and other furry pets appearing to be 'itchy' and scratching themselves
  • Small bugs jumping on bedding and furniture

You will notice the mention of 'professional bed bug treatment' instead of any other method of bed bug removal. 'Over the counter methods and old wives' tales have been proven as ineffective; in the case of the former, DIY bed bug control has been shown to carry risks due to the high levels of toxic insecticides, and additionally, any effective insecticide will require a professional operation, rendering home methods pointless.

The Specifics of Bed Bugs

These pests are parasitic, meaning that they need to feed on other animals, including humans, to survive. They also prefer warmer climates, so bedding and furniture are an ideal breeding ground for them. Bed bugs will come out, feed and return to their hiding place, often for up to a few weeks, so even if you find dead bed bugs, you may well need to arrange professional Malpas bed bug treatment due to the high likelihood that they are still infesting your home.

Bed bug imageTheir habits are largely nocturnal, and they prefer their blood meals to be moving as little as possible; therefore, a sleeping human or pet is an ideal source. They bite, feed, and move on, meaning you won't know you have been fed upon until when red marks appear on the skin several days later. This makes bed bug control a job for professionals who will know what to look for.

It all sounds rather grim and is indeed an unpleasant situation to have to deal with. Avoid the temptation to apply a cheap, ineffective bed bug fumigation technique, as, if it does anything at all, it'll only take care of the visible problem. Our Malpas bed bug treatment at Young's will exterminate all pests, visible or otherwise, and ensure complete bed bug removal. Your bedroom or sofa will once again be a place to relax, not lay awake worried about what is coming to bite you when the lights go out.