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Ant nest removal price

Professional Malpas Ant Infestation Removal

Black antThe Formicidae family refers to the genera and species of ants. Ants are eusocial insects with a holometabolous lifecycle, also referred to as the four stages of complete metamorphosis, consisting of egg, larval, pupal and adult phases. There are over 12,500 known ant species, of which more than 40 live in Britain. Ants are often regarded as pests when they encroach on human settlements.

When ants are unwanted on a property, indoors or outdoors, there is a professional Malpas ant infestation treatment option. An ant infestation in house or garden environments can be a real nuisance, and the professional solution is superior to any do-it-yourself ant control treatment. Not only is do-it-yourself expensive and inefficient it is also dangerous to pets and children. The longer the ant problems are left, the more serious they become. Therefore, no time should be lost in contacting professional Malpas ant infestation removal services.

Common ant species in Britain

The Common red ant, or European fire ant (Myrmica ruginodis), is known for its stinging ability. Their fearsome reputation makes them the bane of gardeners in the summertime. They live in polygynous colonies, meaning they have several queens, with numbers capable of surpassing 8,000. Colonies can expand to become polydomous, meaning they form several interconnected nests. Queens may live as long as 15 years.

Unlike the Common red ant, the Black garden ant (Lasius niger) does not sting humans. However, this species becomes a pest when it infiltrates food preparation areas in homes, likely if their nests are in the garden. Their colonies are monogynous, meaning they possess one queen, with populations reaching 40,000 in ideal circumstances. The queen can live up to 12 years.

Removing ants

AntsThe best way to deal with an ant infestation is to hire professional Malpas ant infestation removal services. Professional Malpas ant control can be tailored to each case, depending on the species involved, the stage of the lifecycle, the extent of the infestation and which areas of a property are affected. Amateurish attempts at ant removal are no substitute for professional ant treatment and can also be detrimental to our health and pets.

Professional Malpas ant infestation removal services should be contacted as early as the nuptial flight when winged drones and virgin queens take to the skies to mate. Flying ant infestation results in fertilized queens establishing colonies in the area. Prompt control of the flying ant infestation means not having to deal with greater and related problems in the future, such as ant infestation in house and garden environments.