Baguley Flea Infestation Treatment

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If pests are left uncontrolled, they may lead to deplorable conditions around your home. It is therefore advisable to seek some professional Malpas pest control service immediately you sight them. With Young’s 24-hour pest control services, pests shouldn’t be a problem around your place anymore, whether residential or commercial.

Problems likely to be caused by some pests;


Ants are some of the most common pests found in households. Unfortunately, they also tend to find their way into offices, restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, and other places where food and water can be found. Once inside the building, they will not only be a nuisance but may also cause severe damages to your structures by decaying wood while burrowing. They usually do this for nesting purposes, especially the carpenter ant.
Brown Rat

Rats and mice will cause a lot of problems once they infest your premises. They have a high breeding rate and can quickly fill other places within the building. On top of property damage, they increase the risk of fire because of constantly gnawing on wires.


If allergic to insect saliva, then flea bites can make your pets bite and repeatedly scratch themselves. On human beings, their bites cause some small and itchy bumps that are red. This is mainly seen around the ankles and wrists. Since they also carry bacterial organisms, fleas contribute to the spread of the bubonic plague. These are, therefore, pests that you wouldn’t like to hear of their presence in your household.

House dust mites

The second in line after pollen in triggering allergic reactions are house dust mites. In most cases, they have been proven to cause allergic rhinitis, eczema, and asthma, all of which are allergic reactions. Most people, however, think that dust mites only cause the problem. This is because their carcasses and droppings have the allergen protein responsible for allergic reactions.

The pests mentioned above are only a small number that Young’s pest control service can control. Others include;

• Rodents such as foxes, squirrels, moles and rabbits.
• Various insects like bedbugs, wasps, woodworms, cockroaches, moths, fleas etc.
• Birds likely to cause health problems

With our sophisticated equipment, we ensure that the problem does not reoccur after the treatment. In addition, the 24 hour Malpas pest control service makes it even easier to remove pests that are likely to be spotted at night. Treatment services may sometimes involve more than one visit.

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