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Professional Ellesmere Port Woodworm Treatment

The presence of woodworm in a building is a cause for concern. These domestic pests damage wood structure by chewing out extensive networks of tiny tunnels that appear on the surface as small holes, weakening it and compromising the aesthetics. Structural timbers and wooden furniture can suffer irreparable damage due to woodworm activity. Professional pest control services should be hired without delay for Ellesmere Port woodworm treatment options.

What is woodworm?

Woodworm larvaeWoodworm is larval beetles. There are no single woodworm species. Instead they comprise several species of wood-boring beetles. All are holometabolous, meaning they transition through the four stages of complete metamorphosis. Eggs are laid on wood, and the larva burrow inside, where they live and feed until pupation. When the adults emerge, they bore their way out of the wood and seek mates. Finally, mated females lay eggs, and then the process starts anew.

Common woodworm species in Britain

Numerous British species of wood-boring beetles are involved in woodworm activity, including the Deathwatch beetle (Xestobium nufovillosum) and the Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum). In addition, the Longhorn beetles and Powderpost beetles comprise several species belonging to the family Cerambycidae and the subfamily Lyctinae. Moist sapwood and dead, decomposing wood are favourable environments for many woodworm species to live and feed in.

Indications of woodworm activity

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingSmall holes around 1-2 mm in diameter are the signature marks of woodworm infestation. Such holes are common in the timbers of old buildings, but this may be evidence of past, rather than present, woodworm infestation. If fine wood dust appears beneath timber, it is safe to assume that woodworm activity is occurring. Keen eyes may spot the appearance of new holes in wood. Adult beetles may also be seen emerging from infested timber.

When the signs of woodworm activity first become apparent professional pest control services should be contacted. The professional pest control operatives will perform Ellesmere Port woodworm removal treatment, ridding the property of these pests. As part of professional pest control, Ellesmere Port woodworm treatment spray will stop the wood-boring insects in their tracks. Woodworm activity in furniture, when identified, can be dealt with by professional Ellesmere Port woodworm treatment furniture spray.

Points of entry for woodworm

One of the most common points of entry for woodworm into buildings is via untreated timber. Whether it is firewood or construction timber, there is a good chance that untreated wood is covered in eggs or contains live beetle larva. Therefore, an extensive woodworm infestation could result from the introduction of untreated timber into a building, especially if the adult beetles are allowed to emerge and reproduce.

Once woodworm gets inside a building, there should be no delay in calling professional pest control services so they can perform Ellesmere Port woodworm treatment spray. This method of treatment for woodworm removal works on any timber affected by these wood-boring pests. Ellesmere Port woodworm treatment furniture spray is effective for wooden household items such as chairs and tables that have become infested by the beetle larva.