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Professional Ellesmere Port Flea Treatment

Cat and dog fleasAs every pet owner knows, there are many positive aspects of pet ownership. But, unfortunately, owning a four-legged friend means taking on their common ailments, and for dogs and cats, few ailments are as prolific as fleas.

Cat and dog fleas are the types of fleas you will most regular contact as a pet owner. Without proper Ellesmere Port flea treatment and eradication techniques, you can quickly become all too familiar with the problem of a large scale flea infestation.

Understanding flea control - Life-cycle of the flea.

A flea infestation can develop quickly. The life cycle begins with the flea eggs. These are usually laid in groups of around 20 eggs. The eggs are normally laid on the host animal, which means that when your pet lies down to sleep, the eggs can roll off and become hidden in soft furnishings such as carpets and upholstery. Between 2 days and 2 weeks later, the eggs hatch into flea larvae.

Flea larvae feed on any available biological matter. Dead insects, faeces and vegetable matter are all typical components of the larvae’s diet. The larvae are blind and dislike light, usually sticking to crevices and cracks in flooring and furniture. After feeding for 7-14 days, the larvae will pupate and weave a silken cocoon.

After a gestation period, usually 1-2 weeks, the pupae will be ready to emerge as a flea. However, it has been known for pupae and larvae to “hibernate” through the winter, waiting for warmer temperatures to emerge as adult fleas. Their ideal temperature range is 21-30 degrees Celsius – the comfortable temperature range for humans.

Flea Removal
Due to their multi-stage life-cycle, a successful Ellesmere Port flea treatment program will involve attacking two or more stages of the flea's development. Failure to do so means that you can end up with a flea infestation resistant to flea fumigation products.

Using a combination of different flea control techniques, including spot treatment of infected animals, insect growth inhibitor insecticides, and flea fumigation, a professional flea removal program can attack fleas at every stage of their development.

FleaThe benefits of professional Ellesmere Port flea treatment include:

  • Complete eradication of fleas, larvae, and pupae.
  • Insect growth inhibitor treatment prevents eggs from hatching and continuing the infestation.
  • All areas of infestation and gestation were targeted.
  • Professional safety assessment to keep children and pets from harm.

Compare this to the cost in both money and time of attempting to remove fleas on your own. As I mentioned earlier, amateur Ellesmere Port flea treatment can actually worsen an infestation. If you fail to treat all areas that are infested and target multiple stages of the life cycle, you can end up only killing those fleas that are not resistant to the poison you are using. So the fleas that are left will have offspring, which are in turn more resistant to your Ellesmere Port flea treatment insecticides, thereby producing an infestation that you can't control yourself.