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Professional Services in Crewe Honey Bee Nest Removal

Allowing bees to make a nest in your home can be the worst mistake you can make. These are dangerous insects and any nest they make close to your home should be removed as soon as it’s identified. You, however, need to be sure that an infestation exists before inviting the professional Crewe honey bee nest removal team.

How do you know to tell that the bees have a nest in your garden?

Honey Bee HiveThe identification process is not that hard. Simply observe the movement of the bees' movements or listening and follow the origin of the buzzing sound around your house. Alternatively, you can call Young’s Pest Control team through their 24-hour number so as to get in help locating the bees’ nest and after which they will exercise their honey bee control techniques.

Honey Bee Sting

The main reason as to why it’s not advisable to allow bees to nest around your building is because they sting badly. An attack is always imminent when they live close to you. Crewe honey bee nest removal is, however, the best way to prevent this kind of uncertainty. In fact, with a professional Crewe honey bee nest removal, future infestations can be prevented as well.

In case you accidentally provoke the bees and they start stinging, simply do the following before the honey bee control experts arrive:

  • Run– unless you run, the bees will organize themselves and attack as a swarm. However, do not just run anywhere as the bees can chase you for more than a mile. You should only run to a secure location e.g. a car or a room with secure locks.
  • Do not jump into the water– the bees will hover around and sting whenever your head is out of the water.
  • Call a doctor before even the honey bee hive removal team.

Dealing with an infestation

Honey Bee swarm in treeYou can avoid the above eventualities by calling a professional Crewe honey bee nest removal company once you notice a nest. Actions such as painting the fence or the house and checking hidden places where the bees are likely to nest can greatly reduce the chances of an infestation. Honey bee hive removal experts sometimes get the nests in untouched garbage cans, chimneys, wall cracks, and tree branches and thus you should check these places as well.

Honey bee swarm removal is also necessary when the bees keep moving around your building in large numbers. Fortunately, Young’s honey bee swarm removal team is always available day and night to restore normalcy in your home.