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Which Ant Do You Prefer? No Ants!

If you had to choose your ant infestation, would you rather have Black garden ants or Pharaoh ants?

Black antNo ant is the right ant to have when it comes to an ant infestation in the house! Young's Pest Control can rid you of these six-legged insects from the Lasius niger (Black garden ant) to the Monomorium pharaonis (Winged Pharaoh ant), which are the most common you will find around the garden and attempting to gain entry to buildings, stores, hospitals and homes.

Aren't the black garden ants harmless?

The most widely known ant, the black garden ant, maybe harmless out in your garden, but havoc can happen once they take hold inside your home or business. These ants like to nest underneath cement blocks, pavement, edges of lawns, and just about anywhere else too. When they come indoors, the problem is that they will get into your food sources and your pet's water and food bowls. Although they really like food with sugar, they will also eat insects, nectar, and the bodies of other ants.

The black garden ant is considered hardy and with a strong jaw. It can tear through food packaging, tracking whatever germs may be on its feet all over your house without leaving a trail that is visible to the human eye. One day you might be eating your cereal and find an ant-sized hole in the box. Suddenly your kitchen is contaminated and valuable food wasted while crockery and surfaces need to be sanitized. As you can see, a black garden ant infestation in the house is no less serious a nuisance than flying ant infestation (IE, the pharaoh ant).

Tell me about Pharaoh ants.

AntsPharaoh ants are filthy ants because they will eat any food and non-food type item such as hospital waste, faeces, blood from soiled dressings. They are also capable of transmitting a wide range of diseases to humans. The pharaoh ant is a small ant that also has a reputation for being difficult to control if you have an ant infestation. Just because they are little, do not assume that they are less harmful. Flying ant infestation may be a misnomer as pharaoh ants don't fly, but they are definitely an infestation that Young's Pest Control can help you with. Ant control and Crewe ant infestation removal are important steps in getting your ant infestation taken care of.

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