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Mole in a molehillA well established local business with a reputation for quality and excellent customer service. Young's Congleton mole trapping and control services can come and effectively deal with your mole problem, minimising disruption to you and your family. Young's uses the latest equipment and techniques to help control your mole problem. Young's takes pride in its work. It is fully accredited and carries all the necessary insurances for your peace of mind.

Young's will have a tailor-made Congleton mole trapping and control solution waiting for you. Experts are constantly on hand at Young's to give you all the support and advice you need. In addition, young's can respond quickly to pest control emergencies.

Mole trapping services

Moles can be found attacking and spoiling gardens and open spaces across the UK. Moles can quickly a massive amount of damage if not managed effectively. Moles can tunnel at about 4 metres every single hour. A complex tunnel system is often constructed by moles. A devastating mess can result from moles tunnelling, with damage to lawns, flower beds, greens and sports grounds.

Full size moleIt is pretty unlikely that you have seen a mole. Most people don't, but what they see is the destruction that the mole continues to cause. This usually starts by leaving the heaps of earth often associated with moles on your lawn. Moles tunnel at an astonishing rate of 4 metres per hour, meaning that it does not take long until significant damage is done. Moles like to live in nutrient-rich soil, where they can find earthworms to eat. Moles have poor eyesight and a sense of smell and therefore feel for their food. Soil rich in nutrients occur in well-maintained gardens with lots of flowers and plants.

Congleton mole trapping is a specialist service offered by Young's. Detailed knowledge of the ecosystem in which moles thrive is necessary to understand how to manage moles effectively. Therefore, Congleton mole trapping is undoubtedly worth leaving to the professionals. Moles can cause a massive amount of damage in a short time frame, and therefore you must contact a mole control service as soon as possible.

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Young's is a local business you can trust and will effectively manage your Congleton mole trapping and control problem, as well as manage other pests. Young's guarantees a satisfied customer, ensuring that you are involved at every stage in the process.