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Professional Congleton Flea Treatment

The flea is a blood-sucking insect that pets bring in from the garden during mild, wet conditions. Once fleas invade a home, they will infest every part of the property, including carpets, furniture and bedding.

It’s pretty difficult to remove an infestation once it takes hold, as most flea treatment products on the market only target one area of a flea infestation. Therefore, to completely eradicate a flea problem, you should call on the Congleton flea treatment services of Young’s Pest Control, who will determine the extent of an infestation and apply the appropriate flea control treatments to kill off this parasite effectively.

The flea is a parasite.

Cat and dog fleasThe flea is referred to as a parasite because it gains sustenance at the expense of the host it feeds off. The type of host usually indicates the species of flea responsible, and there are up to 60 species found in the UK. However, the cat flea accounts for most domestic infestations and can be found on cats and dogs.

Because the cat flea can survive on wild garden animals such as hedgehogs and squirrels, there is always the possibility that a pet will pick up these fleas from the garden. In addition, a flea can jump distances many times its body size so that a passing pet will be an easy target.

Signs of infestation around the home

Once inside a home, the flea and its eggs will drop off onto surfaces frequented by the host. They need to feed on blood before they can reproduce, so pet beds and carpets are ideal places to develop before jumping onto the host to reproduce.

For this reason, you should check these areas for “flea debris” if you are suspicious of an infestation. Flea debris consists of developing fleas, such as larvae and eggs, and flea faeces, which appear black. The other signs to spot are scratching pets and unexplained, itchy bite marks on your legs.

Fleas will not target humans for sustenance, but they will usually bite before dropping off. For this reason, there is the possibility you can become infected with tapeworms - a parasite - that fleas sometimes act as vectors for between an affected pet and humans.

Other complications from flea bits include allergic reactions that may worsen itching and the slight chance of contracting a disease. However, despite being a well-known carrier of bubonic plague, cases of people catching diseases from fleas in the UK are rare.

An affordable flea removal service

FleaFor an expert Congleton flea treatment service for solving your flea problems, Young’s Pest Control offer targeted treatments that will pinpoint any affected areas for flea fumigation as well as give advice on how to prevent a future flea infestation.

An effective Congleton flea treatment doesn’t have to be costly, and a one-time treatment will save you money on expensive shop-bought flea removal products that will often not get the job done because fleas have built immunity to many pest control products.