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Professional Chester Rat Control Treatments

Brown RatRats are unclean animals that can damage buildings and create fire hazards, but they are notoriously hard to get rid of. A professional pest control treatment is the best bet for dealing with a rat infestation, and the staff from Young's Pest Control are experienced in using Chester rat control techniques.

Rats Create Health Risks

Rats can carry parasites and diseases that are transferable to humans and pets like cats and dogs. While cats and dogs were used to get rid of rats in the past, today, we understand that this puts pets at risk of injury and picking up parasites. People can also be infected with some of these parasites, and rat droppings can also carry viruses and bacteria. In addition, rats are generally unhygienic and can contaminate food and lower indoor air quality with their droppings, fur and dander. Finally, although rats are usually reclusive, if they find themselves face to face with people, they can attack and bite quite badly despite their small size.

Rats Make Buildings Less Safe

Rats are experts chewers and can do a lot of damage to furniture, building structure and wiring. For example, weakened structural beams are more likely to break or wear out, and electrical wiring that has been stripped of its insulating cover can cause fires.

Chester Rat Control Can be Difficult and Dangerous

ratAnyone who has ever tried to get rid of rats knows that controlling a Chester rat infestation can be frustrating and practically impossible. Traps may or may not work, depending on how they are set up and placed. Rats may avoid them or figure out how to extract food bait without triggering the trap at all. Similarly, poison may not be effective if the rats learn to avoid it or placed it somewhere they don't frequently visit. Both of these Chester rat control methods can be dangerous for curious children or hungry pets if they are placed within reach of little fingers or snuffling noises, and poisoned rats can go on to poison pets and wildlife if they are captured or found after they die.

Young's Pest Control Offers Expert Help

Young's has staff trained and experienced in various pest control treatment options for rats and other pests and can assess the situation for the best treatment to use to guarantee results and safety. So call Young's Pest Control today.