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Professional Chester Flea Treatment

FleaDespite many flea control treatments on the market today, most of them are ineffective for combating an infestation.

At Young’s Pest Control, not only do we offer Chester flea treatment plans to tackle all areas of a home, but we also advise on how to prevent a flea infestation from resurfacing in the future. The cost-effectiveness of using professional services to remove an infestation for good surely outweighs spending money on ineffective Chester flea treatment, only for the problem to keep coming back.

Why an infestation can return

The reason an infestation will likely resurface if you don’t treat a whole household with flea fumigation is that a flea infestation is not just found on pets. Instead, an infected pet will act as a walking flea dispenser around the home, dropping off eggs and adult fleas wherever it moves.

Once fleas have gotten into carpeting and bedding, an infestation has truly taken hold. At this stage, it’s not enough to treat a pet with flea products, as eggs, larvae, and pupae will be present all over the house, and these will eventually develop into adult fleas. By letting Young’s Pest Control apply Chester flea treatment to all corners of your home, you will be breaking the flea’s life cycle and preventing a secondary infestation.

Sources of an infestation

Cat and dog fleasThe source of an infestation is usually a family pet, and they are commonly affected by one species: the cat flea. Yet, despite being named the cat flea, this species can and does affect a range of mammals. Crucially, they can survive outside the home on hedgehogs and squirrels.

Their appearance, like all species of flea, is distinctive up-close. They have long hind legs for jumping vast distances relative to their size and a flat, plated body to withstand even the pressure of fingers being pressed together. These robust adaptations make it one of the most resilient species of insect.

What fleas can transmit

During an infestation, the obvious annoyances such as itchy bites and fleas crawling over you are things people concentrate on when highlighting the importance of removing an infestation. However, a less-discussed concern is parasites.

The flea is a parasite, but they can also transmit parasites themselves to humans from pets in the form of tapeworms. You often don't know about being infected with a tapeworm, but sometimes they can cause nausea and weight loss symptoms.

Diseases caught in the past from fleas, such as Cat scratch fever and Typhus, are less common today compared to parasites. Despite this, the bites, crawling fleas and parasites are enough reasons to deal with a flea removal job as quickly as possible.

Being proactive about Chester flea treatment
This is exactly what you will get from Young’s Pest Control. Our Chester flea treatment experts have removed the countless infestation and know the best methods to remove an infestation as quickly as possible before it takes hold further.