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Professional Chester Ant Infestation Removal

Black antAlthough they are extremely small, ants can pose a significant problem if they find their way into a home. More than eight thousand different kinds of ants have been identified, which means that figuring out which type of ants have made their way into your home difficult for people who are not insect specialists. However, pharaoh ants are the most common type of ant infestation in the house, while black garden ants also occasionally venture inside. If you find an ant infestation in your home, the best course of action is to hire a pest control professional to take care of the problem.

The Importance of Chester Ant Infestation Removal
Ants may be harmless, but some kinds of ants have a nasty bite that can cause pain and stress to both animals and humans. The venom that ants inject when they bite people can cause an allergic reaction resulting in a rash, which is unpleasant, especially for young children. Pharaoh ants are known to be aggressive when they feel threatened and can bite children. In addition, these ants carry pathogens, which makes them a health risk. Ants can be a pest in the garden, drying out the soil and encouraging other types of pests like greenfly.

Recognising an Ant Infestation
Ants are not usually afraid of humans and do most of their roaming during the daytime. Because of this, spotting an ant infestation is relatively easy. Ants can usually be seen marching in a line towards sources of food, which could be virtually anything from a few grains of sugar too much larger unattended food items. It may sometimes be possible to trace the line of ants to the location of their nest. However, this nest will often be situated under the ground, under the floorboards or inside the wall and will most likely be very difficult to access.

Different Types of Ant Control Treatment
There is a whole host of different kinds of Chester ant infestation removal treatment methods to choose from. These usually involve traps or insecticide and the best option should always be decided by a pest control expert. Many attempt to buy DIY products which can be harmful to pets.

The squad at Youngs Pest Control is available to take care of all types of the ant infestation in the house, including flying ant infestation. We provide all kinds of Chester ant infestation removal and ant control treatment options to make sure that your home is protected from flying ant infestation. Call us today to make an appointment.