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Alsager Woodworm Treatment - Woodworm is Not a Worm!

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingThe Longhorn woodworm has been found in areas of England, for example, Surrey. Essentially it prefers roof timbers as it gets a kick out of the chance to assault the sapwood, which originates from softwood species. That is the way it can undoubtedly do compelling structural harm. A problem with the damage is that it is hidden. For the most part, the tunnels won't show until you see the holes at the ends of the wood where these pests have burrowed their way out. Additionally, you may find shavings at the tunnel openings or on the floor. There may have shavings or a sawdust-like material. Without seeing the holes, you may not have any idea that the board which appears to be solid and supporting your wall, roof, or floor is in effect now hollow and breakable due to the woodworm tunnels contained all through the timber.

Also known as the furniture bug or furniture beetle, the woodworm, as we will refer to it here, is so-called because of the tunnels it leaves when moving through wood. Unfortunately, the woodworm removal treatment spray found in a hardware store will not be strong enough to get the job completely done. That is why Young's Pest Control Services should be called in. We have the right doses of the right products to make woodworm extinct in your home.

Woodworm larvaeWoodworm enjoys a mixture of wood types, generally the softer woods. Their tunnelling is so prolific and extensive that they can, in fact, do damage to building structure elements. They love plywood and are capable of tunnelling all around in it and living inside the boards for quite a long time. This woodworm can be found in flooring, roofing, side structure of houses and buildings, and wooden furniture. It will lay its eggs inside the timber it eats and tunnels, and it is actually the grubs or larvae that do the damage. They live and eat exclusively inside the wood until they are grown enough to make their own tunnels. The first sign of visible damage is often the holes left behind in the wood.

Young's Pest Control knows that all woodworm bugs are a terrible thing to have in your home. You will need treatment for woodworm infestation, and Alsager woodworm treatment spray carried by our trained and excellent staff will help put the woodworm infestation under control. In addition, Alsager woodworm treatment furniture protection will help you ensure that your most loved furniture is safe from more woodworm infestation.

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