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Alsager Rat Control Services

ratRats are a pest that has bothered humanity for as long as can be remembered. These intelligent, adaptable rodents can make their homes almost anywhere and can cause damage to buildings, spread diseases and parasites and contaminate food. Because they are so adaptable and resourceful, getting rid of rats is difficult unless professional help is brought in. Young's Pest Control offers a range of pest control treatment options for Alsager rat control, affordable prices and 24-hour availability.

Controlling an Alsager Rat Infestation

It is very unusual for a rat problem to consist of only one or two individuals, so in most cases, if there is evidence of even one rat, there is a rat infestation to deal with. Rat terriers were bred for Alsager rat control, but using house pets as a pest control treatment is no longer used very much because of the risk to the pet. To get rid of rats, experts like Young's Pest Control staff use many different methods:

Brown Rat- Live traps can be used for humane control and are especially appropriate if there is good evidence that the problem is one or two rats and not an infestation.
- Kill traps are generally used more frequently but must be placed and bated effectively to work and not be a safety hazard for small pets and little fingers.
- Rat poison is effective at killing rats if appropriately used, but care must be taken to be used safely. For example, owls, hawks and other predators that prey on rats in the wild can be poisoned by eating poisoned rats that escape the area, and pets and children can be poisoned if they investigate bait laid out for the rats. Therefore, any poison needs to be appropriately handled and stored to avoid accidental poisoning of the user, and experts are trained in rodenticide handling.
- Deterrence. Sometimes Alsager rat control involves making repairs or additions to structures that deter new rats from entering the building or encourage them to relocate elsewhere. Proper storage of food that is attracting rats and repairing seals around doors and edges are two examples.

Rats can damage structures, carry disease and create fire hazards by chewing on wires. Professional Alsager rat control makes the difference between a constant struggle with these pests and resolving the problem for good. Call Young' Pest Control to get rid of rats the right way.