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Expert Alsager Mole Trapping

Young's offers a professional Alsager mole trapping and control trapping service as well as a wide range of other pest control services. Most UK pests can be managed by Young's, using the latest pest control methods and products. Young's is a local business to be trusted, with their reputation speaking for themselves. Young's is the sensible option when it comes to dealing with moles and other pests.

Alsager Mole Trapping Services from Young's

Mole in a molehillMany of is will be familiar with the destruction that can so easily be caused by moles, but most of us have never actually seen a mole. Moles live underground and dig large tunnels. A complex network of tunnels can be dug in a relatively short space of time, with moles making progress of up to 4 metres per hour. The evidence of these tunnels can very often be seen as clumps of the earth around your garden. Moles are known to destroy lawns, flower beds and even properties. Young's pest control specialises in the trapping and management of moles. Many customers comment on the short space of time that it takes moles to do so much damage, and unfortunately, the situation can quickly spread.

Moles are attracted to nutrient-rich soil. Nutrient-rich soil is more likely to be found in well-maintained gardens with plenty of plants. Unfortunately, therefore, the nicer your garden the more likely you are to suffer from a mole problem.

Do it yourself mole pest control is difficult. It very often ends up being extremely inefficient and has poor results. Moles are actually quite a complicated animal, and a good understanding of their behaviour is needed to eradicate them. Young's is able to do this for you, efficiently and safely.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority

Full size moleCustomer satisfaction is an important priority at Young's. That's why before any work is undertaken, whether it’s Alsager mole trapping and control or general pest control, we will work with all our customers to draw up a tailor-made pest control plan. This ensures the customer is in control of the mole pest control plan right from the beginning.

Young's prides itself on what it does. It aims to be the best in the business. Young's only employs professionals who receive excellent training, not just in pest control, but also customer service. Whatever your pest, Young's will work with its customers to ensure the quickest, safest and most cost effective solution is found to eradicate your problem.