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Professional Alsager Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Identification

Bed bug imageBed bugs are often hard to spot, so you need to be able to know the tell-tale signs that indicate their presence—bed bugs like nesting in minuscule cracks during daylight hours. The first sign of bed bugs is often bites incurred on the body when you wake up in the morning.

Key Indicators of Bed Bugs

Even if you have been bitten, you may not know the cause. Bites do not always point towards a bed bug infestation. However, black stains on bed sheets and within the mattress lining will indicate a bed bug infestation. The stains will occur from their faeces. In addition, bed bugs emit a pungent and somewhat disgusting sweet odour, which can sometimes be recognised. Small dark spots may also point towards bed bug infestation as excretion pellets may be left.

The presence of live insects is the most apparent indicator that bed bugs are inhabiting your property. However, live bed bugs also shed their skin, so you may have a problem if you find any dead skin-like material. Adult bed bugs are usually 5mm in length and have distinctive colouration.

If you have highlighted a problem, then do not hesitate to contact us. We offer bespoke Alsager bed bug treatment, bed bug fumigation and bed bug removal.

Finding bed bugs

Your bedroom is the first place to check if you suspect an infestation. Nonetheless, bed bugs can also be found in pieces of furniture and furnishings.

Bed bugs can be found in the following places:
Bed Bug

- In headboards and cupboards
- Between mattresses
- In carpets
- On and around skirting boards
- Inside plugs and sockets
- Inside of wardrobes

Bed bugs are usually found nestled in bedroom furniture and beds. They are specifically attracted to the heat humans emit and carbon dioxide from exhalation.

How do Bed Bugs Spread?

Bed bugs are spread on clothing, by the fur of domesticated animals, humans' skin, and by changing bed sheets. Therefore, cleanliness must be considered to prevent the spread of bed bugs. In addition, bed bugs will thrive in conditions where they can have a steady supply of food.

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If you have a bed bug infestation problem, then do hesitate to contact us. We will conduct an initial survey to find out the extent of the problem. This will inform us of the correct course of action to take. We offer tailored bed bug fumigation, bed bug control and Alsager bed bug treatment.

We take bed bug infestations seriously and have specific methods of removing them from private and commercial properties. We are experts in Alsager bed bug treatment and bed bug removal, so contact us if you suspect a problem.